Traditional Limits Disappear with Custom Designed Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplaces are often the focal points of living rooms, dens, or bedrooms, and concrete custom designed fireplace surrounds allow homeowners to put their personal stamp of creativity on any of these spaces. When concrete is used for fireplace surrounds, traditional constraints are eliminated and the flow rate of imaginative creations greatly increases.

What’s So Great About Concrete Fireplace Surrounds?

Concrete may be considered by many as a boring material for a fireplace surround, but this substance has positive factors that weigh in its favor, including:

· Durability
· Mold-ability
· Versatility

The type of concrete used for fireplace surrounds is not your common or construction concrete that is used for slabs or driveways. It is a specially mixed formula of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), which is very strong, long-lasting, and versatile product. GFRC is environmentally friendly as it is made of natural raw materials with a low energy consumption.

Multi demensional Concrete fireplace surroundGFRC is ideal for custom designed fireplace surrounds as it is a simple matter to mold it into 3-D shapes. This means that homeowners have almost unlimited choices as to styles when they’re designing their own fireplace surround.

Concrete fireplace surrounds can be customized with regard to shape, color, texture, and size, as the limits which apply to more traditional materials do not hold for GFRC. For example, wooden or stone fireplace surrounds are constrained by their inherent composition and can only be fabricated in certain ways, whereas for concrete custom designed fireplace surrounds, the possibilities are endless.

Design Considerations

Once your have decided to pursue a concrete custom surround for your current or a new fireplace, several design factors then come into play including the size of the room, height of the ceiling and the room’s decor and colors. One of the greatest ways to jump start the design process is to envision the ambiance of the room. Homeowners should picture their families and friends around the fireplace: is it a warm, cozy interactive scene or is it more of a do your own thing gathering? Concrete custom design fireplace surrounds can be used to build the atmosphere, mood, and character of a living space.

The next step is to select a quality concrete crafting company that has the expertise along with a history of creating innovative ways to bring a client’s aesthetic vision to life. Here at Interior Concrete, we are such a company and take pride in finding the right solution for each of our clients. We share our portfolio of successful fireplace surrounds and then encourage our clients to explore other design ideas on-line. After the client selects a subset of designs that they like, we then work with them to finalize their specific vision.

Concrete custom designed fireplace surrounds are a fantastic way to make your home, in the Greater St. Louis and Midwest region, that little bit different, to give it a unique touch. Contact Interior Concrete today for more information and assistance in creating a one-off fireplace surround that will add artistic value to your living space.

Custom Concrete Sinks-The Flexible Design Alternative

Every last piece of a home’s interior design scheme should be a paragon of form and function. However, combining those two elements — form and function — can be a difficult thing to do; most materials will only partially fit a person’s needs in this regard. A sink, for instance, is one fixture that should look beautiful, while still maintaining a great deal of strength, durability and functionality. To gain all three of these elements, one should consider having concrete sinks installed. This material provides unique benefits that cannot be had by others. Here are some of its benefits:

Beige Concrete vanity top with integral concrete sink

Beige Concrete vanity top with integral concrete sink

Uniquely beautiful

Contrary to popular belief, the appearance and texture of concrete is not relegated to the ugly, overly rugged, strictly utilitarian material that composes a sidewalk. In fact, concrete can take the shape of just about anything that a person can imagine.

Wood, stone, and metal are just a few of the materials that concrete can mimic. If a person would like to fully explore the possibilities of concrete sinks, he or she could blend the characteristics of two or more materials, for example:

    • mold the concrete into an abstract shape while retaining the look and feel of a material that could not be shaped in such a way.
    • have the concrete take on the texture of another material while giving it a color not possible with that material.
    • create a unique blend of appearance, shape and texture not achievable singularly by the other materials.

Extremely strong

One of the biggest issues that people face regarding material selection is strength. If a material is not strong enough to withstand whatever trials a person throws at it, then it will quickly break down, if not collapse entirely.

With concrete, a person will never have such a problem. Known as one of the strongest building materials in existence, concrete can stand up to anything that other materials can stand up to and more. In this regard concrete sinks offer a great solution.

Timeless durability

If a homeowner intends to retain the fixtures within their home for a very long time then he or she must choose the most durable material possible. Even especially strong materials will fail the test of time if they are not durable as well. The once beautiful appearance of the sink is usually the first thing to go; this will require a tedious repair — or replacement.

Concrete is well known for being the material that grows stronger over time. This means that while other materials would otherwise bow to the trials of time, concrete becomes tougher.

Easily repaired

If chipped or damaged, most materials require a complex repair, if not outright replacement; no material is indestructible. Even concrete sinks can be damaged. The true difference lies in the repair process. Concrete sinks almost never have to be replaced when damage occurs. Scratches and chips can be easily repaired on a concrete sink.

To learn more about the benefits of custom concrete sinks, contact Interior Concrete.

Custom Designed Fireplace Surround; The Needed Room Focal Point

The fireplace of a home is the perfect solution to a focal point for a room of any size, shape or design. This quintessential feature is a welcoming gathering point for family and friends as well as a much appreciated location to relax. To make a distinctive statement, more homeowners are electing to have a custom designed fireplace surround for their interior.

Interior Concrete provides the technology and skillful techniques necessary to produce the distinguished features which make a fireplace stand out from others.

Why Concrete?

White traditional concrete fireplace surround

White traditional concrete fireplace surround

Concrete provides a highly malleable material for both the homeowner and artisan to work with. Unlike other solid materials, concrete is able to be formed into the desired shape and details that enable the exacting demands of a homeowner’s dreams to be brought to life.

The material used to create the concrete is a specialized blend of materials which will affect the color, texture and durability of the final product. It is important to understand that this designer blend is a far superior quality than the common commercial grade concrete which most individuals are familiar with. The substances used in the premium mix allows for larger 3-dimentional sections in the final piece as well as a wide selection in colors and textures which translate to more design options for a homeowner’s discerning tastes.

Concrete also enables a homeowner to place inlays into the mold. Unlike marble, or other stone slabs, the versatile mix of concrete is agreeable to placing additional elements into the features to further customized the design of the surround, making a truly one of a kind piece.

Another element of concrete which cannot be ignored is its environmentally friendly nature. The mix used by Interior Concrete is created from renewable sources. Homeowners availing themselves of concrete mix can be assured it also means there is far less waste involved as opposed to having a solid slab of other stone material, such as marble, which must be honed down to the desired shape.

The versatility of concrete makes it the perfect solution for a custom designed fireplace surround. The options for a homeowner vary wildly from a clean modern creation to an elegant or traditional work of art. With the use of concrete in the design of a fireplace surround, the final product is limited only by the imagination of the homeowner.

When planning your custom designed fireplace surround, the professionals at Interior Concrete is your quintessential source for quality results. Not only is the knowledgeable talent readily available to address any questions or concerns a homeowner has, but the materials used are of a higher and unique mix which has proven to deliver outstanding, lasting performance.

Concrete Sinks Flow with Style and Function

The remodeling of homes has always been extremely popular and people are usually not hesitant to spend good money on their remodeling plans. Remodeling of a home offers various benefits, which include an increase of value to the home, stimulation of the economy, and it furthermore provides the home’s inhabitants with many years of comfort and enjoyment. Homeowners regularly prefer to remodel their kitchens and bathrooms.

Several homeowners enjoy transforming their bathrooms, especially the master bathroom into their own private retreat or sanctuary, where they could relax at the end of a busy day or week. To harmonize the peaceful atmosphere of the bathroom, the homeowner opts for multi-jetted showers, relaxing whirlpool tubs, and vanities and sinks, such as a concrete sink for example, which come in various textures, colors, and forms.

White concrete trough sink

White concrete trough sink

Concrete in the Bathroom

Concrete is an exciting option that more and more people are fully utilizing in upscale bathroom remodeling today. In homes all over the country, people are adding concrete vanities, a concrete sink, concrete tub, and the shower surrounds are often concrete as well. Concrete is chosen for various reasons, including the following:

  • Concrete can effortlessly be molded into tubs, vanities and a concrete sink with soft, very graceful curves, which include warm, relaxing color tones.
  • If the homeowner prefers a bolder and more contemporary look, he can go for any of the many interesting geometric designs and shapes offered by the fabricators and color it in a collection of vivid, bright hues, for instance.
  • A concrete sink can be cast integrally with a countertop or vanity, or it can be freestanding.
  • The tubs and showers can be customized to the owner’s specification and taste by furnishing it with concrete benches and/or adding concrete tiles.
  • What makes concrete even more versatile is the fact that it can be cast in such a way that it accommodates the existing space restrictions and plumbing configurations in the bathroom.
  • The creative possibilities for concrete are almost endless and all concrete artisans approach their craft in a different way, including a touch of their own personality. They create distinct looks through building and shaping their own forms, using proprietary coloring methods and materials, and developing their own individual casting techniques.
  • Homeowners generally love concrete, because it helps to create a more natural look overall. The appeal of concrete is more tangible for numerous individuals, compared to ceramic tiles, granite, and marble.
  • The majority of concrete artisans are extremely passionate about their creations and they go out of their way to accomplish exceptional results.

Add Amazing Color to a Bathroom

Opting for concrete offers a wide range of amazing color options. Each contractor will offer his own range of distinctive premium and standard colors. Moreover, the homeowner could choose a customized colors option that can match or complement his existing color scheme. It is remarkably uncomplicated to create a one-of-a-kind concrete sink, tub, countertop or vanity.

Style and Function of a Concrete Sink

If the homeowner is looking for a distinctive look in his home, then a concrete sink offers exactly that. Designers can create any shape when using concrete, as the material can be poured into any form. The following designs are all possible:

  • • Traditional-style counter sinks
  • • Pedestal sinks
  • • Vessel sinks
  • • Trough sinks

In the kitchen or bathroom concrete sinks flow with style and function. They can be integral and effortlessly shaped to blend into every type of style and décor.

Concrete Wood

Concrete, wood, concrete wood, shower walls, wall panelling, concrete sinks

At Interior concrete we have the ability to create concrete that replicates wood. Concrete has long been able to look like wood on the floor by stamping concrete, however, this is different. We are not just stamping a texture on concrete with a repetitive pattern. With our high performance concrete we can actually create concrete boards and apply this technique in a very three dimensional manner. It is nearly impossible to tell that this is wood by look or feel. It truly is amazing.

You may be wondering why you would even need to make concrete look like wood when you can just simply use wood. Concrete wood can be used where wood typically would perform poorly. For instance you could create your shower walls to look like wood and perform like concrete and have no issues with water penetration or aging wood. This can also be the same for creating a sink out of concrete wood. Another idea would be for outdoor furniture. Obviously wood performs well outside, but concrete will never rot or dry out.

Lastly, you can use this product to make concrete look like wood but know it is concrete. This would be possible by coloring the concrete grey. white or any other color not natural to wood. This would give you the illusion that it was wood, but still realizing that it was indeed concrete. This could be a good design idea or a wall panel or backsplash for a more modern or contemporary design (example picture). You could place a wall panel above your vanity and hang your mirror on it as well. There are endless design possibilities with concrete and this is just another example of why!